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My Signature...

I have Mexican roots; a few years ago, my personal fairy tale took me to move my life to Florence and build with my lovely Italian husband and our little dog the life I always wanted to live.


Weddings have always caused me a profound impact due to the deep emotions and common meanings, regardless race, age, religion or culture ... but at the same time so unique and personal for the one who lives it ...I and am sure that my work is the perfect example of a tangible dream that comes from a true vocation and a creative job that I always wanted to perform giving me so many personal and professional satisfaction.


Being a Wedding Planner is the perfect opportunity for me to meet amazing people, most of them lovely foreign couples whom I have the privilege of accompanying on their beautiful journey of creating their dream Signature Wedding.







 Some of my key strengths are determination and passion for accomplish objectives, I’m a very structured thinker and creative problem solver; I believe in the power of the team working and the consolidation of different ideas for the achievement of excellence.


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about my professional career:

Commited to achieve stand out excellence and flawless execution

 I’m happy to understand my couple's needs and my mission is to work as an enabler helping them to find the best connection with this beautiful country, focusing on delivering for them the most authentic and unforgettable experience of their lives.


My personal goals are always to do my best, play nice, count my blessings, dream big, try new things, never give up, say sorry, be happy, be humble, be bold... be a nice human.



Katia Morales

Founder & Creative Director