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Repubblica di San Marino

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What does this “support” mean?

Is possible that you start working on your own the planning of your wedding, and in the middle of the way you start to feel overwhelmed and stressed… Don’t panic! We understand how easy you can lose the path and start to feel confused.


Sometimes you have problems to find a reliable type of service or have doubts about if that vendor is qualified enough for your standards or maybe you are km far away and you are not sure about which kind of services are you getting for the price quoted or even more… is in Italian!!!


Avoiding you from hours of stress and scoutings; we own an exclusive portfolio of venues, services, transportation, accommodation, vendors, etc. we will deliver to you our recommendations for cured and filtered out vendors approved by our high parameters of integrity, quality, service, fair prices and an impeccable professional experience.


Feel Free to contact us and tell us your queries, we will help you to take the road again!

Tailor -made solutions  for your dreamed wedding