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47891 Dogana

Repubblica di San Marino

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local experience-global thinking | expertise | convenience



We think that there is no  better moment to really tight profound bondings with friends and family that having a trip together sharing experiences and fun in a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere .... and if that place is Tuscany and that travel is to celebrate beginning of a new life with your dreamed partner .... you have won the jackpot!!


Sometimes the idiomatic barrier, the different uses, and habits of the culture and the uncertainty about if we will receive what we paid for can make you feel overstressed and maybe that can discourage your decision about getting marry (or have a symbolic ceremony) in a foreign country... Don't fear! We work only with TOP vendors, but without paying overpricing... we have local experience negotiating prices, consciousness about cost ranges and we only work with quality approved and experienced vendors over years of working together, which ensures your savings and money well spent.


As a Destination Management Company we will project and realize your wedding abroad follow up in detail from outbound to return home, we can organize and manage every stage of your stay here in Tuscany or other Italian regions.


We invite you to make a full immersion over this beautiful lifetime experience and let us accompany with experience, creativity, empathy, and ownership in this unforgettable one in a lifetime experience getting married in Italy.


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