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Is Wedding Planning a real Profession for lifetime?

June 13, 2017

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Is Wedding Planning a real Profession for lifetime?

June 13, 2017

Wow! I never imagined that someday I would write about wedding planning!!  but honestly I think that this was the best thing professionally and personally speaking that would ever happened to me... As a context frame, I am mexican of birth and since I was a little girl I dreamed to be a manager for a large company (as my dad did), I remember that in 5th grade our teacher asked us to draw about what we wished to become in adult life... and meanwhile all the other girls draw themselves being mom, nurses, teachers... I draw myself in a navy suit behind a desk; I will never forget that image on my memory!! because some years later... I have a very similar picture of me at my office desk when I become at the age of  25  a manager for a multinational company, and I fully submerged in the corporate world for almost 15 years from there.

That life was very sweet and sour, I was very fortunate in belonging to large and succesful companies, having a very satisfactory career, traveling to different countries, working with multicultural and multidisciplinaire teams,  I also learned how to work with discipline, I acquired a goal achievement focus and developed a structured thinking and precision on my daily activities directing with success important projects for my companies (mainly retail and point of sales strategies, expos participation, leading national training sessions, conventions and all types of corporate, promotional and branding events) also I learned to swim with corporate sharks and remained alive!!

As I said, nothing is flawless, beside this achievements I had a lot of presure and battled inside a men's world ought to gain a place for myself in this wolrd, and it was not easy at all... the exigences of  having a leading rol made me being fulled commited to my numerous projects and I remember one time finished at a hospital for a nervous breakdown, I countinued making calls and was determined to organize everything from the hospital... that was how i pictured commitment and responsability at work.

But one day , I begun to take diverse therapys to keep relaxed and sane, I begun to practice yoga and also met a special therapist that cured with chinese medicine, tibetan cups and alternative therapies including budist philosophy, and I found the plug that lighted my life! I begun to reflect about the kind of life i was driving, with economic satisfaction, but not so much for my personal goals... so, after months, i decided to make a career stand by and offer me the gift of a long vacation looking to understand where do I wanted to direct my adult life... I dealed a nice dissmisal and planned a 2 months travel journey ... I walked the "Camino de Santiago de Compostela" road, traveled around Spain, Marrakesh and finaly arrived Italy to stay at my aunt's house in Florence ... and there I found love ( I will extend this story in other relate) and after just 6 months I got married with this amazing italian man that supports  and encourages me on all my crazy ideas and plans, thank you mi amor!!

First year was not easy... I found myself unemployed for the first time of my life, having a lot of free time and no idea on how to spend it, looked everywhere for a job and the respond was the same: "you're overqualified and underpayed for the jobs we offer"... so I decided that it was time for plan B: self employment = become entrepreneur; so with fears but never doubts, I undertake my real vocation path, which now it seems for me that i was training my whole life : Become a Professional Wedding Planner ... weddings always caused a deep impact for me due the fullness and diversity of emotions involved that trembled all toghether at the same time ... I have also experienced that with my own two wedding planning as background (also I'll will write about it later) ... I experienced in my own flesh what a wedding means and that's why I really feel each one of my couple's weddings as it was my own...  I feel that I have this human and emphatic side that my brides love... but also for me, the most important competences needed for this profession: structured thinking, organization, high stress tolerance, urgence sense, professional approach, leadership, emphaty and team work vision... are those too much demands? yes! for sure!! but we are talking about THE most important day of other couple's lifes!!

If I were them , I wouldn't leave my once in a lifetime experience to a person without experience or that do this job for "hobby" or no preparation, and if we are speaking of Destination Weddings as my case here in Italy... the responsability is even greater!! ... after this reflections , that's why I think Wedding Planner should be treated as a real Profession and respected as it ... for me, is my dreamed Profession for a lifetime!









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